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The Funny Side of Sensual, A Guest Post by International Speaker Tracey Foulkes

When I hear the word ‘sensual’ I immediately think ‘sexy’ and sexy I am not. So when my good friend, colleague & accountability partner, who by the way has also seen me naked, tells me she considers me most definitely sensual, I am curious. What exactly does this Ms. Angelina Joli look-alike, 15 years my junior (conservative estimate), 40 cm taller (perceived accurate estimate) goddess really mean by ‘sensual’ and will I be disappointed when I dig deeper?

With 3 days till my 14th wedding anniversary my curiosity is piqued, I’m in the mood to be sensual – whatever that means. Caution to the wind … it’s worth finding out.

So my Google search yields graphic results that got me hoping neither of my assistants noticed and while I get a hint that the word might be related to the senses, of which I understand we have 5 – some argue 6, according to the world wide interweb, I am not the only one with lurid thoughts around this word.

This calls for me to go the more conservative route.I imagine myself dusting off my very large Oxford Dictionary which my mom bought for me way back when in her continual quest to help me spell; but I can’t find it. Thankfully she didn’t stop there cause I manage to uncover the slightly smaller Colins Gem, New Edition (1981!) and Paperback Thesaurus, to help me unravel this conundrum.

The thesaurus confirms my thought process: physical, libidinous (not sure what this means but I suspect libido has something to do with it), lustful, randy, raunchy, fleshy (maybe this is what Claire was referring to). Turning to the Gem I am bored by the description: self-indulgent, of senses only and not of mind, yawn even for 1981. What catches my eye though are the surrounding words “sensible” “sensitive” “sentimental”; now these are words that I think well encapsulate the me I like to display on the outside.

Perhaps these are indeed the adjectives Claire was leaning to when tagging me as sensual, perhaps not. Quite frankly I am curvy, short, googly eyed and love to laugh till my tummy hurts and my eyes tear. I do not practice how to smile in photos with my one shoulder positioned forward, chin tilted downwards to evoke some steamy fantasy, I do fire from the hip, wear my emotions on my sleeve, love to communicate with my hands and speak passionately at a rapid pace of knots.
I cry at airports, during adverts and at every school function. I love to savour my food and quite frankly despise buffets (even the beautifully decorated ones). I breathe deeply through my nose to both smell the roses and calm my nerves. I see my life as a series of stepping stones and while I sometimes stand still, I celebrate moving forward.

So now that I think I have gone off on a tangent on the wrong topic entirely I conclude: Sensual is a strange little word that evokes fantasy and pleasure; and judging from Google, I sense-you-all might agree!

{Tracey Foulkes is CEO of the Training Company Get Organised that operates in South Africa and Ireland. She does funny well and has a way of captivating her clients every time. Image by Gemma Bou.}

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Posted 09 Feb 2012 by Claire Burge in:
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