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re-wedding: light, pearls… oh no, wait!

i am feeling fragile tonight, not in a fall-apart-kind-of-way, just in a girly, i need love kind of way. maybe it has something to do with the reason behind why this post is so late. you see, he,my boy that is, has been away for work for two weeks. when he left we really were in such a good place and saying goodbye was the hardest it has ever been for me. having him come home was a highlight in my day today… i quite literally had to tear myself away from him to meet you here.

but once i got here, i was happy because now i get to plan my re-wedding to him and oh what a romantic one this is going to be. it’s like i’m on a sugar high with love.

think pearls, crystal, hats, luscious curls and sugar.

and then, while i’m putting all of this together, kelly tweets me and totally takes my breath away with a self portrait post she does with herself as she plans her own re-wedding.

what she captures is exactly what i want for today: light, light and more light.

you have to see more of her…

in the meantime, will you forgive me, if i only post about those pearls next week and snuggle up next to my boy instead?

lots of love,

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Posted 25 Apr 2012 by Claire Burge in:

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