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re-wedding: {balloons and a picnic}

tra la la la, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tra la la la, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, deeeeedummmmm.

i’m singing my heart out today, swaying along to the swing cats. my hair is swept back into a chignon bun. my jewellery is woven from the finest silk and ribbons, shells and threads. i am surrounded by my favourite people who find themselves sitting on hand written letter cushions. we are eating sandwiches and sunbathing our bare feet in the brilliant sunshine. kids are laughing on the nearby swings. the grass is littered with flower petals.

i have a big bunch of balloons tied to my wrist. they play in the wind, tugging to get free.

in just a few moments they will drift away as everyone let’s theirs to rise up, up, up into the big blue sky.

no clouds. no rain today. just you and me. just love. tangible love, like the taste of delicious.

‘i love you, do you know that?’
‘what do you mean maybe?’
‘well maybe i love you more than that’
‘that’s not possible’
‘i think it might be’
‘is this why we are getting married for the 7th time, mr burge?’
‘i think it might be, mrs burge’
‘but we like this, don’t we?’
‘yes, yes, of course yes.’
‘let’s do it again next week, shall we?’
‘yes, if you wear the same dress again. i like what claire la faye does to your body’
‘no that is breaking the number one rule of re-wedding. it has to be a new dress every week.’
‘that makes me sad.’
‘no it doesn’t! next time is a new adventure on learning how to get it off…’

feeling inspired? 

photographer: lina hayes

wedding band: the swing cats

wedding car: simon webster

wedding dress: claire la faye

ribbon: nells embroidery

scatter cushions: my bearded pigeon 


{images by the featured artists and sourced via creative commons on flickr. images that do not have a direct link can be seen in the accompanying gallery.} 

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Posted 11 Apr 2012 by Claire Burge in:
Non-Traditional Weddings | re-wedding | Wedding Inspiration

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