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Fly Me To The Moon! Spectacular Chinese Lanterns

Recently came across a new irish website selling gifts and gadgets and their Flying Chinese Lanterns caught my eye, perfect for an outdoor/marquee wedding and what a great way to get your guests involved and send up a wish for your future wedded happiness!

The Chinese Lanterns will fly for up to 20 minutes and can rise over a mile in the sky – where they will still be visible all around.  Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, these are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky – and (my favourite part) It was believed that wishes written on lanterns would rise up to the heavens and come true. 🙂

A quieter, gentler alternative to fireworks, flying lanterns are the safe, simple and perfect way to create an amazing visual display in the sky, a really memorable addition to any wedding.  See below for a video of them being launched at a wedding.

If you want Flying Chinese Lanterns for your own wedding, check out – they will ship them anywhere in Ireland and go from €25.00 for a pack of 10 to €300.00 for 130 lanterns.

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Posted 18 Aug 2009 by Ciara Crossan in:
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