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Budgets and Weddings: two words we don’t like hearing together when planning our wedding.

Your wedding budget is one of the first things to do. It is hugely important and forces you both to ask lots of questions and think about your wedding day.

When planning your budget consider:
• What are your financial circumstances and are they likely to change?
• Are you in a position to save for your wedding? Consider your mortgage/rent? Car loan repayments to make?
• Are your parents contributing to the wedding?
• How many guests would you like to invite? Will your parents have an additional guest list that you may not have considered?
• Would you like your wedding in a castle, a hotel, or a foreign destination?
• How much do you want to spend on your wedding? (sometimes it’s easier to think of what you don’t want to spend!)
• What’s important? Where do you see yourself spending the most? And the least? You dress? Your flowers?

Be realistic when drawing up your budget. If you would like your dream wedding in a castle, can you really afford it? Try not to build up your hopes as this may lead to disappointment. Be realistic with what you can afford and what the wedding suppliers can provide you with, for your budget.

There are some great tools available for keeping your wedding budget in line. The National Consumer Agency website have a great wedding budget calculator.

Unplanned Expenses and Extras:

There will be costs coming up to the wedding that you may not have considered. Do you need to buy suitcases for honeymoon? Do your passports need to be renewed? Presents for the page boy, a tip for the hotel staff at your reception, vaccinations for your honeymoon, hair and beauty treatments in the months before the wedding.

Also, bear in mind that there may be lots of shopping trips in the run up to the wedding. You pop into town, try on a dress and purchase because you are getting married! I have met brides and their wardrobes are bursting at the seams by the time they married!

DIY as a budget saver: 

Wedding Chicks have super ideas to add personal DIY touches to your wedding that don’t have to cost the earth. Ask your bridesmaids for help! Just because you are sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t add your personality to the wedding.

Keep an eye here on Wedding Dates for features and offers for you and your budget.


{Karen Buchanan is a regular blogger for Wedding Dates. She writes extensively about wedding planning and wedding resources. She runs her own company ‘Weddings with Karen Buchanan‘. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook. Image CC: Ken Teegardin}


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