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10 Tips to Ease that Wedding Planning Stress


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life.

Here are 10 tips to help take the stress away:

1. Set the date

When deciding on a wedding date some things to bear in mind are:

1.1 Are any of the bridal party or family sitting exams around the date you have in mind?

1.2 Think of your budget – when can you afford to get married?

1.3 Will you be able to get sufficient time off for your wedding and honeymoon?

2. Budget

Weddings are expensive and can put financial pressure on couples. Calculate what you can afford based on your earnings, savings, family contributions etc. This will give you a clearer picture of the kind of wedding you can afford.

3. The Wedding Venue

This is an important decision. Weigh everything up carefully. Some items for consideration are:

3.1 How many bedrooms are available for your guests and at what rate? (This is the first question your family will ask!)

3.2 Is the wedding co-ordinator at the venue somebody you feel comfortable with & know they can help you?

3.3 Is there a wedding the day after yours?

3.4 How flexible are the hotel if you want to make changes to menus/packages?

3.5 What are the extra charges/hidden costs that need to be considered?

Wedding Dates have a great venue search tool. You can see availability immediately for the date you have in mind.

4. The Wedding Dress

Most bridal boutiques require appointments so book well in advance.

Don’t feel that you have to bring every female relation with you when looking for a dress; sometimes one person’s opinion that you trust is more helpful. And trust your own opinion.

Be open to trying on dresses that you may not have picked yourself – remembering the people working in the boutiques meet brides every day and knowing their dresses inside out. If they suggest a dress – try it on – you never know!

5. The Legalities of Marriage

Do not put it off!

Register your intent to marry.

Go to The General Registry Office for all the information and step-by-step instructions.

6. DIY

If you plan on becoming a do-it-yourself bride allow lots of time.

Have a look at DIY Bride for some brilliant ideas.

7. Music

Do your research and go to see the bands/musicians you have in mind when they play at other weddings – lots of people do it.

8. Delegate

Make a list of things for your bridesmaids and the groom to do. Do not do everything yourself! Or consider using a wedding planner that will ease most of your stress and who can actually save you money in the long run.

9. The Honeymoon

“Mini moons” are popular now where couples are going away for a few days and then embarking on a longer honeymoon later.

10. Plan some time for yourselves

Wedding planning has a way of taking over every conversation. Make a “date night” every so often where “wedding talk” is banned! Remember – it’s a marriage as well as a wedding!


{This post has been written by the ever so funky Karen Buchanan. She is a wedding planner that you should be speaking to! Find her on Facebook, Twitter or Her Blog. The image by Natasha Mileshina was sourced via Creative Commons on Flickr.}

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